15 years of linen….

We entered the linen industry in 2004 and established our formal existence a few years later, in June 2008. For over 15 years, we have been growing our linen business and experience. And because of our love and dedication for linen, and our never ceasing perseverance, we managed to develop into a professional and large-scale well-known linen fabric enterprise.

Intel Import & Export

Intel is the Import & Export company we use for our foreign clients who want to ship their fabrics overseas. It is part of the Zhong Ma Group of which you can find more information below. Using Intel the payment processes and other administrative processes are much smoother for our foreign clients wanting to ship their fabrics outside of China. For clients who want to ship their fabrics within China we use Zhong Ma linen itself and we can give you Chinese VAT invoices for that as well.

The Zhong Ma Group

Our main office is located at the forefront of China’s domestic textile industry: Guangzhou Zhong Da International Textile market. Our Nan Shang yarn factory is fully focused on linen. Here we only process French made flax to make the finest linen yarns. Taizhou houses our 20.000 sqm weaving factory where our high speed rapier looms are tirelessly performing their important task. Shaoxing is the home of our dyeing and after processing factory. There we process the digital printing, dyeing and washing of our fabrics. We can control the whole process, and guarantee a consistent high quality in every step from flax to finished product.

Linen and more

Our focus is clear: linen. And linen can be very well combined with cotton, ramie, rayon and other fabrics. So we can make the nicest blends and interwoven fabrics. Plain dyed, yarn-dyed, digital printing and different washes and finishes, we can do it all. Our clients usually are in the fashion industry. However we do have ultra wide linen as well with a width of 295 cm for your home textile needs.



We are proud that our linen experience resulted in competitive advantages in pricing, design and process development. Also enabling us to serve our clients on the highest levels. In terms of quality, service and price, it feels rewarding that we are recognized by a large number of market-leaders in their industry. Not only have we maintained the continuous growth of market share in the domestic wholesale market, but also have build in-depth cooperation with many very large fashion brands and became their integrated business partner. Clients like Heilan Home, Semir, Meters/bonwe, Souyute, keep us motivated to stay on top together, for now and the future.

Keep it clear

Our base approach is simply based on these 4 keywords: “Integrity, innovation, quality, service”. We do our best to serve every customer, and strive to make every piece of cloth perfect. We look forward to be your reliable partner as well!