Linen all the way

Whether it’s 100% linen, or linen blends and mixes, we love them all. Many clients prefer linen/cotton. But we do maken any mix or blend with different fibers such as Ramie, Hemp, Rayon, Spandex and others. Below you can find some examples. Want to see more? Then check out our fabric database. Easily browse and search our collection.

Plain dyed Linen

A basic fashion fabric and always a favorite for many garment producers. We welcome you to ask for samples or a quote. We do have over 4 million meters of A grade quality in stock, so if you’re in a hurry, contact us, and we might be able to help you very fast. See examples of pictures and specs here.

Yarn dyed Linen

These stripes are among the most recognizable linen patterns. We have many designs available and a large selection in stock as well. Use the filter in our online database to quickly check our STRIPES and CHECKS.
Some patterns can be done on plain dyed blends as well to give similar patterns at lower costs compared to yarn dyed fabrics.

Digital printing

No limit for creativity with modern digital printing technology. Any print/artwork is possible. And with an MOQ of only 150 meters for each design (1500 meters per order) nothing can stop you from creating some unique linen fabric. With the latest technologies, digital printing is a better sustainable option compared to traditional dying. See some digital printed samples here.


We can make dobby or other patterns as well. Those are an easy way to give a single colored linen a special distinctive touch. Use a mix to create a stronger effect or highlight the pattern better. Or keep it simple with one fabric and a stylish classic design. Set your filters and get inspired here.

Linen 100% raw

PFD linen

For a more authentic look you can order raw fabric. Made in the way nature has blessed us with this beautiful and comfortable fabric. Our fabrics can be delivered in PFD as well (prepared for dyeing), so you can do the dyeing and finishing yourself.

Washed. Or not.

Standard we deliver non-washed items and can guarantee a maximum shrink rate. Or for an extra fee, we can do different kinds of after treatments for you. E.g. a normal wash, air wash for a softer feel, or a fermented wash to achieve a super soft fabric.

Washed fabric

CONTACT us for any inquiry you might have. We love to assist you for your next linen projects!