Go Digital with Linen

All these sample prints are cut from a bigger roll filled with digital print designs. Later today they will be put on sample cards ready to be shipped out and make another client very happy. We can provide you with design ideas or simply send us yours to make them reality. And the MOQ per design for digital printing is only 150 meters! So let’s go and create with Zhong Ma Linen. #digitalprintlinen #linen #linenfabric #zhongmalinen

Happy new Ox Year!

It was a loud and busy day in the Zhong Da fabric market. All shops were celebrating the Chinese new year by offering food, money and candy to the Lion Dancers. Accompanied by heavy drums they danced their way through the Zhong Ma shops as well, collecting our offers and wishing us a very successful and healthy year of the Ox. And surely we wish you a very healthy, happy and rewarding new year as well!