More certifications

We are always looking to improve and so our list of certifications is steadily growing. And we like to keep up with the latest sustainability trends as well. So if you need organic or recycled materials. We can help you. Also for Europen Flax and Better Cotton we have the required certifications and are glad to promote them to make our fabrics more sustainable and the world a better place. Check our full list of certifications here.

If you want to know more about each of these certifications you can simply go to our certifications page and click on the links. We really hope recycled materials will be used more and more. It starts with recycling your own clothes and for businesses like us we always try to either sell our overstock on the smaller fabric markets, or offer them up for recycling. Our clients are setting higher standards all the time and we are more than willing to follow these standards as the best example we can have to improve on our own footprint.

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